Worship Leading A


Gain practical wisdom and fresh perspective on leading worship from worship leader and songwriter Todd James & and the rest of the HopefulSon worship collective.

Worship Leading B

Dustin Smith, Here Be Lions

Gain practical wisdom and fresh perspective on leading worship from worship leader and songwriter Dustin Smith of Here Be Lions.

Vocal Harmony

Julie Pearson

Singing harmony comes easily to some yet can be a complete mystery to others. This workshop will unravel that mystery and give you essential skills to confidently sing harmony by ear and blend well with other singers. You will learn the basic principles of parallel harmony, find the harmony above or below a melody, improve your pitch accuracy and maintain good intonation, and build a solid vocal blend for your worship team or vocal ensemble.

Fine Tuning Your Stage Presence

Lynley Hall

Would you like some tips on how to improve your stage presence? Perhaps you are struggling with feeling less than confident and comfortable on stage. Are you aware of how you appear while you are leading worship? Come and discover some helpful, practical tips on how to improve your stage presence and why it matters. We have an important message to convey. Let's learn how to remove any distractions on stage and let our authentic selves lead others into a true encounter with God. This is helpful for front line vocalists, worship leaders, and musicians alike. All are welcome!


Dustin Smith & James Galbraith, Here Be Lions

Improve your worship song writing skills and learn how to co-write as a team with advice from experienced and internationally known song writers Dustin Smith & James Galbraith of Here Be Lions.

Worship Leader's Toolbox

David Klob, First Alliance Church

Join this collaborative exploration of practical resources for planning, preparing, and leading worship. Resources reviewed will include Planning Centre Online, adding stem tracks, and online music charts and tutorials.

Spontaneous Song

Margaret Graham

As worship leaders we are passionate about leading our communities in authentic expressions of worship. For many of us that passion includes a desire to create space during our worship gathering for Holy Spirit to move though spontaneous Spirit-led moments. These God moments will always be encouraging, gracious and uplifting; and will often include spontaneous songs, bible verses, brief God stories, prayer for personal needs and life-giving words to individuals. Join Margaret as she shares her heart for leading people of all ages and all church backgrounds into deeper, more meaningful experiences with God, and gives practical tools and skills you can develop, to grow in leading this expression of worship.

The Prophetic in Worship

Jeremy Weedman, Here Be Lions

What does it mean to be Prophetic in Worship? We hear that phrase a lot, right next to being "spontaneous" and "authentic". These are all great things for us to consider! But sometimes we make it so spiritual, that you're left on your own to figure out what it looks like in practice. The prophetic is a gift, not in the sense that only a few chosen people can do it, but in the sense that it's a gift to the people of God. The truth is, if you're not experiencing the prophetic in worship, you're missing out. The prophetic was given to us by God, to build up His Church, and if it's a gift, we might as well receive it and do it together!

Worship Languages

Jeff Watt, RockPointe Church

When you think of worship, do you think of singing? Similar to how Love Languages describe how we best love those closest to us, Worship Languages describe how we best connect to God. By understanding these nine languages, you can propel yourself and your congregation into creative and multi-faceted expressions of worship that even your non-singers will find meaningful!