Worship Leading

Ryan Kennedy

Gain practical wisdom and fresh perspective on leading worship from experienced worship leader Ryan Kennedy (Houston, Texas).

Song Writing

Jenny Lee Riddle

Improve your worship song writing skills with advice from experienced and internationally known song writer, Jennie Lee Riddle, writer of “Revelation Song” and founder of People & Song.

Worship Leader's Toolbox

David Klob

Join this collaborative exploration of practical resources for planning, preparing, and leading worship. Resources reviewed will include Planning Centre Online, adding stem tracks, and online music charts and tutorials.

Towards a Biblical Understanding of Corporate Worship

Keith Molberg

Do you have a strong theological foundation for your worship planning or do you feel like you are sometimes shooting in the dark? Our decisions about the content and focus of our worship are significant in light of the profoundly formative nature of corporate worship. In this session we will explore the biblical foundations for corporate worship including the presence and activity of our Triune God, the primary content of worship and the nature of the worship response. The implications of these foundational truths will be considered for worship service planning and song choice.

Fine Tuning Your Stage Presence

Lynley Hall

Would you like some tips on how to improve your stage presence? Perhaps you are struggling with feeling less than confident and comfortable on stage. Are you aware of how you appear while you are leading worship? Come and discover some helpful, practical tips on how to improve your stage presence and why it  matters. We have an important message to covey. Let's learn how to remove any distractions on stage and let our authentic selves lead others into a true encounter with God. This is helpful for front line vocalists, Worship Leaders, and Musicians alike. All are welcome!

Band Workshop

Jeff Watt

A worship band is more than just the sum of its individual parts. Worship band members will benefit from this workshop by learning how best to interact with each other to create great music.

Heart Matters Keynote

Jenny Lee Riddle

We are all leaders, whether it be on stage, at work or at home.  When it comes right down to it, being a leader is more about who you are than what you can do. Join Jennie Lee Riddle for this insightful and inspiring talk about the deeper truths – the ones that really matter.

Spontaneous Song

Coming Soon

Coming Soon