Vocal Harmony

Julie Pearson

Coming Soon

Fine Tuning Your Stage Presence

Lynley Hall

Would you like some tips on how to improve your stage presence? Perhaps you are struggling with feeling less than confident and comfortable on stage. Are you aware of how you appear while you are leading worship? Come and discover some helpful, practical tips on how to improve your stage presence and why it  matters. We have an important message to covey. Let's learn how to remove any distractions on stage and let our authentic selves lead others into a true encounter with God. This is helpful for front line vocalists, Worship Leaders, and Musicians alike. All are welcome!

Conference Choir Rehearsal

David Klob

CALLING ALL SINGERS – help lead worship with Jenny Lee Riddle! This year we are assembling a conference choir that will sing with Jenny Lee Riddle and team during the Saturday evening service at First Alliance Church. The plan is to rehearse during this session, attend a sound check and run-through at 5:15 pm, and then sing at the 6:30 pm service that evening.