ProPresenter - Reflow Presentation and the Editor

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This class is dedicated to these two crucial tools. Understand how to manage layers, scale pictures, modify text, effectively create and edit songs, add and modify arrangements and more.  Prior use of ProPresenter is recommended for this class

ProPresenter - Preparation & Personalizing Your Experience

John Van Es

We all have unique ways in which we use software.  During this new class, John will share his unique perspective as a volunteer operator on how to make ProPresenter fit your personality and experience.  His unique approach includes taking the time to know exactly what is planned for a service, determining how best to use the media he has been provided, making notes in slides, and more.  This class will be interactive as you join in and share your own unique ways of maximizing this software.


Live Video Part 1, 2 & 3

Anthony West

In this three-part class, Anthony will share his passion and experience for Live Video.  Learn about directing and creating a team environment, how to prepare your team each week, designing and using a playbook of camera shots, and video composition.  Explore the techniques that make video come alive and place the viewer in the center of an immersive experience.  Including camera positions, using jibs and slides, handheld operation, using zoom and focus to create motion, lighting and more.  Attendance at all three classes is recommended.


Pre Production

Ryan Stockert

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Cameras, Equipment & Techniques

Ryan Stockert

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On the Set

Ryan Stockert

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