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Drums - Beyond the Boom Chick

Calum Rees

As drummers and percussionists, do we lead or follow? Who is your inspiration, are drums even biblical, and why is listening more important than playing? We’ll be looking at uncovering our rhythmic awareness, finding ways to keep things creative (even in the boring parts), discovering your options for when the worship leader gives that “mystery” signal, and what to do if you forget your sticks! Hand drums and percussion welcome.

Bass & Drums

Joe Essenburg & Calum Rees

The foundation of a great rhythm section is the strong relationship between the bass and drums. Learn important techniques for making this foundation as strong as possible.

Bass Guitar

Joe Essenburg

This fast-paced, practical session is aimed at raising your confidence and presence as the heart of the rhythm section. We’ll cover the key aspects of your playing including the role of the bass, what to listen for, locking in your rhythm, fretboard navigation, focusing your tone, using dynamics, setting up your instrument and even some music theory. Includes a Q&A period to cover any element of the bass guitar, playing techniques or working with a band that you’re curious about.

Acoustic Guitar

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Electric Guitar

Cory Bitner

This clinic should have something for everyone!  We’ll split the clinic into 3 areas:  (1) Great sounding, easy to play, rhythm parts that always seem to work.  These will be useful concepts that you can use to enhance your rhythm playing in your worship team, band, or recording project.  (2) Making sure all that guitar gear you have is being used to its full potential.  We’ll look at the building blocks of good tone and how to dial in your gear to make it sit right in the mix, no matter if you are using pedals, amps, modellers, laptops, or a green coily cable.  We’ll try to understand the most used knobs and parameters from a guitarist turned sound engineer perspective.  If we don’t get lost in the discussion of guitar gear, we’ll also look at (3) What do you practice when you aren’t practicing songs for a gig?  What are 5 things you could work on that would count the most?  I’ll have some ideas that you could practice over a lifetime.  


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Band Workshop

Jeff Watt

A worship band is more than just the sum of its individual parts. Worship band members will benefit from this workshop by learning how best to interact with each other to create great music.

Audio Introduced for Musicians

Shane Painter

Whether you are having to run your own monitor mix, get the system running for a practice, or just communicate with your audio tech its important for musicians and vocalists to have a basic understanding of sound and audio systems.  This class will highlight how to create a good personal monitor mix, audio mixer basics, and how to help out your audio techs by giving them good tone and clean arrangements.

Fine Tuning Your Stage Presence

Lynley Hall

Would you like some tips on how to improve your stage presence? Perhaps you are struggling with feeling less than confident and comfortable on stage. Are you aware of how you appear while you are leading worship? Come and discover some helpful, practical tips on how to improve your stage presence and why it  matters. We have an important message to covey. Let's learn how to remove any distractions on stage and let our authentic selves lead others into a true encounter with God. This is helpful for front line vocalists, Worship Leaders, and Musicians alike. All are welcome!