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Heart Matters Keynote

Jenny Lee Riddle

We are all leaders whether it be on stage, at work or at home.  When it comes right down to it, being a leader is more about who you are than what you can do. Join Jennie Lee Riddle for this insightful and inspiring talk about the deeper truths – the ones that really matter.

Towards a Biblical Understanding of Corporate Worship

Keith Molberg

Do you have a strong theological foundation for your worship planning or do you feel like you are sometimes shooting in the dark? Our decisions about the content and focus of our worship are significant in light of the profoundly formative nature of corporate worship. In this session we will explore the biblical foundations for corporate worship including the presence and activity of our Triune God, the primary content of worship and the nature of the worship response. The implications of these foundational truths will be considered for worship service planning and song choice.

Becoming the Non-Anxious Presence in Any Room 

Matt Boda

Leading and serving others often involves opportunities to be overcome with anxiety. When others are reactive and blaming toward us, as disciples we must learn to serve from a place of self-differentiation. Developing the ability to maintain a non-anxious presence in the face of others whose anxiety is on the rise is a critical leadership skill. This seminar takes a look at how to become the non-anxious person in any room beginning with the example of Jesus and ending in our lives today some 2000 years later. 

Spiritual Conversations: Learning to Prayerfully Listen 

Jamie Boda

God is present and active in all things even though there are times when it’s difficult to discern what He’s up to in our lives. Learning to engage in spiritual conversations is a tremendous means of expanding our awareness of God’s presence and activity in, through and all around us. This seminar will help you in developing a simple practice that leads to meaningful spiritual conversation. 

How to be a Giant Slayer and live Victoriously

Angela West

We all have giants in our lives that try to intimidate us and come against us. Giants such as Fear; Loneliness; shame; depression; the orphan sprit; anger; sickness; poverty, addiction, lack of self-worth, self-hatred; self-punishment. I would describe a ‘giant’ in our lives as anything that stands in the way of our breakthrough, that stands in opposition to us, to our destiny; it is anything blocking our access to our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. This course will help you chase down those giants and live victoriously! 

Intercession Lifestyle

Marlin Geisbrecht

Understand how intercession is one of the keys to the Kingdom; learn how to be one who reconciles things back to God through intercession.  “Intercessory prayer is not just another book on the shelf, it is the shelf upon which all the other books are held up and supported”.