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Building a Kingdom Creative Culture

Theresa Dedmon, Bethel Church

The new renaissance that is coming to the church is being built on community, purity, and the supernatural breaking into what we can creatively do together. In this class, you will hear about the core values of the Bethel Arts Apprenticeship weekly meetings, how the supernatural is celebrated and activated in their meetings, and how you can bring this atmosphere into your church and arts community. Theresa will share testimonies and equip you with dreams, blessings, and practical tools for helping your ministry grow.


The Prophetic in Worship

Jeremy Weedman, Here Be Lions

What does it mean to be Prophetic in Worship? We hear that phrase a lot, right next to being "spontaneous" and "authentic". These are all great things for us to consider! But sometimes we make it so spiritual, that you're left on your own to figure out what it looks like in practice. The prophetic is a gift, not in the sense that only a few chosen people can do it, but in the sense that it's a gift to the people of God. The truth is, if you're not experiencing the prophetic in worship, you're missing out. The prophetic was given to us by God, to build up His Church, and if it's a gift, we might as well receive it and do it together!

Cultivating a Life of Prayer

Jeremy Kinniburgh, Levite Summit & Vernon Alliance Church

Prayer is something that we are given by God as a gift to communicate with Him, hear His voice, go deeper in our faith and be a blessing to the world around us.  Our prayers matter to God.  A life of prayer does not simply happen, it must be cultivated and developed.  We will be learning what it looks like to cultivate a life of prayer and live in deeper intimacy with God.

Developing and Equipping Prayer Ministry Teams

Jeremy Kinniburgh, Levite Summit & Vernon Alliance Church

Most leaders agree that prayer and prayer ministry are important in the local church today.  To develop and equip teams takes time, effort and often we are not sure where to start or how to take things to the next level.  Jeremy brings his experience developing and equipping teams to do Spirit-filled effective prayer ministry and some of the tips and tools to support your local church prayer ministry.

Film Screening: The End of Churchianity 2

Ryan Stockert, Thunder and Light Studios

What does it look like when we fulfill the Great Commission, not with talk, but with power? Experience incredible testimonies and footage as ordinary Christians do extraordinary things for the Lord! Join Calgary filmmaker Ryan Stockert of Thunder and Light Studios for the screening of his latest feature length documentary film.

Worship Languages

Jeff Watt, RockPointe Church

When you think of worship, do you think of singing? Similar to how Love Languages describe how we best love those closest to us, Worship Languages describe how we best connect to God. By understanding these nine languages, you can propel yourself and your congregation into creative and multi-faceted expressions of worship that even your non-singers will find meaningful!

Worship Leaders Toolbox

David Klob, First Alliance Church

Join this collaborative exploration of practical resources for planning, preparing, and leading worship. Resources reviewed will include Planning Center Online, adding stem tracks, and online music charts and tutorials.

Tech Leaders Toolbox

Dan Delamont, Southview Alliance

Join this collaborative exploration of practical resources for leading your tech ministry. Topics will include Planning Center Online, volunteer care and scheduling, budgeting, and working with pastors.

Arts in the Marketplace

Theresa Dedmon, Bethel Church

Through the arts, we see a Kingdom Renaissance developing in Redding that is unprecedented.  Theresa will be sharing strategies that will work in any community, testimonies, and a guide on how we as Christians artisans can gain a voice of hope, healing, and influence within our community.  We will explore your resources and vision, and through coaching, help you develop strategies to see this happen in your community.